Dale Roach, LAc

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in White Plains and Port Chester, NY

Dale Roach,  LAc

Dale Roach, MD, LAc, is an acupuncture and Chinese medicine physician at Repair Recover Restore located in White Plains and Port Chester, New York. Dr. Roach has specialized in Pain Management and internal medicine for over 17 years. He has created some of the most innovative treatment protocols for treating musculoskeletal pain that are effective over 98 percent of the time.

Dr. Roach received his medical education from the Universidad Madre Y Maestra Medical College in the Dominican Republic. He also holds a master's degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture from the New York College of Health Professions. In 2020, Dr. Roach became a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. 

Dr. Roach is deeply committed to caring for his patients. His knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine allows patients to recover more quickly than they would otherwise. Dr. Roach helps patients seeking treatment for a wide range of issues and injuries, including back, knee, and neck pain. In addition to using his knowledge and skills, Dr. Roach strives to be attentive and supportive to the needs of his patients as he guides them through their healing process.

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